Thinking about going to Flagstaff? Here’s why Strawberry Hill is a better choice!

Why travel to Strawberry? Well, it is still an undiscovered area with many benefits for tourists and vacationers. Our cabins are set in a very quiet little valley known as Strawberry Village. It is peaceful and quiet compared to the hustle and bustle of a larger town such as Flagstaff. There are less crowds of… Read more »

Welcome To Strawberry Hill –Arizona and Flagstaff’s Best Cabins

Hello readers, and welcome to the Cabins on Strawberry Hill blog! Our rental cabin resort is always busy catering to families and individuals who want to relax in natural splendor. Our restive cabin accommodations are situated on the beautiful Mogollon Rim, an impressive geological feature comprised of rolling hills and steep canyons that extends through… Read more »