4 Reasons to Plan a Corporate Retreat

Company employees enjoying a corporate retreat around a campfire

The pandemic has shifted most companies to a work-from-home business, forcing many of us to interact and meet our coworkers over a screen. While video calls are still a great way to connect, coming together and spending quality time relaxing, talking about ideas, and getting to know one another are key to having a strong, unified company.

Here are four ways your company could benefit from having a corporate retreat!

1) Reduce Stress

The stress of the last few years has affected each of us differently, but one thing is clear: we can all benefit from a retreat! Rather than coordinating everyone’s schedule for an hour meeting, conversations can be had around a cup of coffee or outside around a fire. It takes away the stress and pressure surrounding work. Whether it’s the company benefitting by the team returning energized and ready to tackle any issues or employees benefitting by returning feeling heard and relaxed. All around, it’s a win-win for everyone. 

2) Show Appreciation

Everybody likes to be appreciated. A retreat shows employees that you care about their mental health and recognize their effort. As bonds are strengthened through fun activities and conversations, they will, in turn, appreciate the effort you put forth. This benefit will encourage more openness in the workplace and reduce turnover. While an employee may not feel comfortable shooting the CEO an email to thank them for everything, they will certainly feel more inclined to express their gratitude while connecting in person.

3) Build Connections

Going on a corporate retreat allows everyone to come together and reassess: what are our values, and how can we continue to uphold and represent them? The togetherness of a retreat allows for conversation without pressure; there are no awkward silences as someone stands at the head of a table with a marker on a board, waiting for people to throw out ideas or leaving early to continue with their workday. The ideas can flow naturally and allow people who rarely interact to bounce ideas off each other throughout their time. It allows employees to get to know each other beyond a screen and make deep and valuable connections.

4) Save Money

Did you know you can save money while planning a treat? Planning a getaway retreat allows for more people to come and participate. The airfare can be lower for group tickets, and picking somewhere in nature removes the need to pay for cabs and excessive travel. The pressure to pick a fancy restaurant for dinners to talk business is removed as you take hikes and have group conversations.

 At Cabins on Strawberry Hill, we host several corporate events and retreats annually! We allow you and your group to have private use of the resort grounds for your event. Picnic tables, grills, firewood, outdoor campfire pits, and normal cabin amenities will be available to you and your team. 

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