Hunting Accommodations

Here at Cabins on Strawberry Hill, some of Arizona’s finest big game hunting is just outside our back door. Located at an elevation of 6100’ and within the largest Ponderosa Pine forest in the world, trophy-class elk and deer are the resort’s most frequent visitors! Our rental cabins lay just a stone’s throw from the northern boundary of Tonto National Forest and within Arizona Hunt Unit 22. A few hundred yards away is the southern border of Hunt Unit 5A and Hunt Unit 6A. All three of these units are renowned for massive Bull Elk, abundant Cow Elk, Javelina, huge Mule Deer and some of the finest Cous-Whitetail Bucks in the southwest! If you’re the more adventurous kind, there are plenty of Black Bears and Mountain Lions (Cougar) throughout Mogollon Rim Country as well.

Buying all the necessary equipment to setup a comfortable “elk camp” can cost several thousand dollars. Cold weather, a sudden downpour or a foot of snow often turn the long-anticipated fall hunt into an unforgettable stint of wintery misery. After a long day stomping through the woods in pursuit, nothing feels better than a hot shower, a warm meal, a crackling fire and a cozy bed; and that’s exactly what we offer to you here at Cabins on Strawberry Hill!

NOTE: Most hunters tend to strike out on their own, but if you wish to dramatically increase your odds for success, several prominent big-game guides live nearby as well. If you need any recommendations, just send us an email. We are hunters too and know the area and the guides pretty well.

***From time to time I place a trail camera somewhere nearby the resort, just to see what happens to be passing through. Here are a few pictures I snapped this Fall of 2013.