Thinking about going to Flagstaff? Here’s why Strawberry Hill is a better choice!

Why travel to Strawberry? Well, it is still an undiscovered area with many benefits for tourists and vacationers. Our cabins are set in a very quiet little valley known as Strawberry Village. It is peaceful and quiet compared to the hustle and bustle of a larger town such as Flagstaff. There are less crowds of people when you are out enjoying nature on a hike, mountain biking, horseback riding, animal watching, or simply taking a leisurely stroll. Also, you can always find a peaceful area among the many lakes found on the Mogollan Rim to thrown in a fishing line and enjoy the serene environment. Since we sit on the border of two National Forests with millions of acres of explore, we have an abundance of uninhabited land around us where we have unlimited outdoor adventure possibilities to enjoy. One activity would be to explore some of our newly developed horseback riding/mountain biking trails which has been sited as some of the best in all of central Arizona. In addition, the land provides a great backdrop for animal sightings/watching and hunting. Not only is the area peaceful and quiet we are recognized for the 2nd cleanest air in the world per the Guinness book of records. Since we are a smaller community, the cost of visiting is cheaper when looking for lodging, dining out and shopping.

We have a dozen great antiques shops in the area to explore and find some forgotten treasures. We also hold numerous festivals throughout the year especially during the summer months when people are looking to escape the high temperatures in Phoenix. Payson is another area to include as it is only 20 minutes away offering more festivals, entertainment, and possibilities. It is the home of the longest running Rodeo in Arizona holding many events each year.

Lastly, our location is ideal for travelers to be centrally located amongst many Arizona tourist’s attractions such as Sedona, Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest, Tonto Natural Bridge(only 6 miles away), Fossil Creek (we are the closest cabin resort to the creek), Prescott and the Phoenix areas to all visit for the day. Being only ninety minutes from Phoenix, we are only a short drive away for a relaxing getaway compared to a 2-2.5 hour drive to Flagstaff.

Welcome To Strawberry Hill –Arizona and Flagstaff’s Best Cabins

petsHello readers, and welcome to the Cabins on Strawberry Hill blog! Our rental cabin resort is always busy catering to families and individuals who want to relax in natural splendor. Our restive cabin accommodations are situated on the beautiful Mogollon Rim, an impressive geological feature comprised of rolling hills and steep canyons that extends through the center of Arizona. As you’ll see throughout the many posts on this blog, there’s always plenty to do in our neck of the woods.


Central Arizona is home to a wild array of natural fauna, rock formations and other environmental wonders. For those who are enthusiastic about exploring the outdoors, the Cabins on Strawberry Hill put you in a great location for sightseeing throughout the state. Just an hour and a half down the road from us sits Flagstaff, AZ, a fair-sized city closely accessible to many types of impressive terrain.


Walnut Canyon National Monument is located about 10 southeast of Flagstaff, and it features a canyon rim that Attractions near our cabin rentals in Arizonaextends up to an elevation of almost 7,000 feet. As this list of Flagstaff attractions from TripAdvisor shows, this canyon rim monument and park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in this area. Lying on the Colorado Plateau, Walnut Canyon displays intriguing limestone and sandstone foundations that show thousands of years of natural history.


The Coconino National Forest, situated in and around Flagstaff, is a delight for woodsy types who enjoy a hike much more than scaling a rock wall. Many of the same intriguing rock formations can be seen here, along with a diversity of wildlife and fauna. Terrain in this National Forest varies from languid streams to tall pines and forest lakes.


For a compelling view into the ancient world of the indigenous peoples who used to thrive in this area, give the Wupatki National Monument a passing glance. It astounds visitors that such an intricate civilization could have sprung up here in the middle of some of the Southwest’s driest terrain. An ancient pueblo village complex can still be seen here, once a major trade crossroads for Gulf and Pacific Coast goods.


Arizona is known for its canyons, but take a drive a little further north of Flagstaff and you can find an impressive mountain range as well. The San Francisco Peaks are a volcanic range, although they’re much more renowned for skiing and outdoor recreation than lava flows. The peaks also have great religious significance to various Native American tribes from the area, including the Navajo, Hopi and Zuni.


Once you start delving into all the activities you can pursue in central Arizona, you’ll wonder why you ever thought you could leave in the first place. Come visit the Cabins on Strawberry Hill to take a well-deserved break from the working world. We’ll be happy to show you all of the resplendent sights that our marvelous state has to offer!