Arizona Wildlife Hunting & Lodging

We are fortunate to have a booming elk population. The elk here are known nationwide for their large racks. In March of 2000, elk were captured and transplanted to Kentucky from the forest near here. Kentucky is rebuilding its elk herd and requested elk from our forest because of the large racks. Elk from here have been transferred to four states to help rebuild their populations. If you drive in the rim country, be careful around sunrise and sunset because the herds become more active.   For additional info, please visit

We are fortunate to have a stable population of both Mule deer and Coues Whitetail deer. Both species exist in large populations in the rim country.
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Javelina usually will be at lower elevations in the colder months. A large herd lives in Strawberry valley and frequently is seen here at Cabins on Strawberry Hill resort.
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Arizona has a healthy turkey population. These animals are shy and elusive. In order to view them you must be patient and quiet. I have personally seen Turkeys along the highway here and FR300 on top of the rim.  For additional info, please visit

Black Bear:
Black Bears range includes the Strawberry area. In the summer of 2000, the first bear to migrate into Strawberry in about 20 years was captured and relocated by Game & Fish to prevent it from interacting with humans. One of the highest concentrations of Black Bears in the nation exists in the Mazatzal Wilderness Area just southwest of Strawberry.  For additional info, please visit

Mountain Lion:
Mountain Lion roam throughout Rim Country, but are extremely shy and elusive.  I have spent an enormous amount of time in the local forests over the past 20 years and have only been lucky enough to see two cougars, both of whom were running away from me like a bullet fired from a gun.  For additional info, please visit

Gambel’s Quail:
Below the ponderosa forest the quail population thrives. Annual population fluctuations of these birds are highly linked to winter/spring rainfall amounts. They are fun to see as they scurry along the ground in a single file or covey formations.

Bobcats are throughout the upland deserts and high country forests. This animal is extremely elusive and difficult to see, but are known to frequent the rim country.