Payments for Contracted Group Events

Terms and Conditions

By checking the accept button you agree to the Cabins on Strawberry Hill policies as stated on www.azcabins.com.  In addition, you understand that all payments for group events are non-cancel-able.  If the event is moved to another date for any reason, your payment and reservation will be subject to this move as well and does not allow for individuals to cancel the reservation or receive any money in return.

Cabin Assignments: Cabin assignments will be made according to the contracted parties (Bride/Groom) recommendation first.  If the Cabins on Strawberry Hill was not notified of specific cabin assignments then the selections made on the form will be used to delegate cabin assignments on a first come basis.

There are three cabin types available:

Cabin #’s Sleeping options # of People Cost for 2 nights
1-6 Queen/Twins 6 $360-500
7-10, & 14 Queen/Queen 6 $360-500
11-13 Queen Only 4 $330-480
  • Cabin Payments – See table above for range of cost for each cabin choice.
  • Rental fees vary by contract. Refer to contracted individuals for applicable rates and cabin assignments for your scheduled event.
  • No refunds for payments made for group events.
  • All payments and form submissions must be made 90 before event check-in.